The Single Best Spot to See Holiday Lights in All 50 States

The holidays are lit at these renowned holiday light displays, drive-thrus, and festivals around the U.S.

The holidays are here again and if you’re feeling grinchy, there are literally hundreds of places around the country where you can see colorful lights and soak in the spirit of the season. We’ve rounded up the best of the best spots to visit this holiday season, so gather your crew, make some hot cocoa (don’t forget the marshmallows!), and get in the car for these holly jolly holiday displays.

Wander Through These 10 Magical Mural Alleys Across the U.S.

Don't be afraid to take a stroll down "Freak Alley" or one of these other splashy, colorful mural walks.

Spend time in any major U.S. city that celebrates the arts and you’ll likely see a few splashy murals as you drive or walk the streets—nods to the local culture and history, no doubt. The newest incarnations of street art are alleys—costing nothing to enter and entirely outdoors—exploding with bright paint, a montage of several different artists contributing to the effort. Because these are in urban areas, this represents a total transformation of tight, cramped spaces formerly clouded in grit and darkness. From Buffalo, New York, to sunny Los Angeles, here are 10 art alleys you must check out on your next urban trip. Pro tip: charge up your phone or camera because you’ll definitely be snap and click-happy once you arrive. And if this isn’t your first trip to one of these alleys, don’t expect to see the art you saw before. Murals rotate as frequently as the local art museum’s shows, bringing in new perspectives.

The 8 Best American Cities for Book Lovers

This one’s for you, reader.

America is a land of storytellers, writers, and poets. It celebrates literature in its libraries, bookstores, cafes, and lit festivals. For bibliophiles, it means that you can fill your travel days walking in the footsteps of your favorite authors, discover new books at independent bookstores, and meet interesting authors–or simply find a quiet place to read.  This is a list of cities that are perfect for book lovers: places known for the authors who produced their best works here; destinations immortalized in books; communities with a deep love for literature. So, pick up the torch you carry for the written word and take it to some of these corners of the U.S.—these cities will illuminate your world.

I’m Not a 70-Year-Old Brit, But I Loved This Island Anyway

Madeira is the European destination missing from your bucket list.

Old-world charm, stunning vistas, historic sites, and incredible eats are all part of what makes Western Europe a must-see in every traveler’s eyes. But a trip to this little-known Portuguese island off the coast of Northern Africa made me wonder why it’s not at the top of everyone’s list. Apparently, it’s been the escape from dreary UK weather for years, with British seniors escaping to the island in droves. It’s easy to see why. With year-round, gorgeously temperate weather (locals consider temperatures below 70 chilly), fantastic food, and otherworldly views, I quickly realized why the Brits kept it their little secret. Here are 10 reasons I fell in love with Madeira (and why you will, too).  

You’re Doing Dubai Wrong. Here’s How You Experience It

There's so much more to this incredible city than meets the eye. Trust us, your wallet will thank you.

When you think of Dubai, you think of huge architectural wonders, glamorous over-the-top shopping excursions, and larger-than-life attractions. But there is so much more that this almost 200-year old city has to offer. From exciting art events to shopping that won’t make your credit card cringe to unique, only-in-Dubai experiences, this hyper-modern city has a little something for everyone.

This Is What Travel Privilege Really Looks Like

Nick is a White man with an American passport and Global Entry status. Fatemeh is originally from Iran but now lives in Mexico City, where she has dual citizenship. How different can travel be for Nick and Fatemeh? The answer is: very different.